Villa Maria

Villa Maria - Drvenik

Drvenik for the first time in history, mentioned in the 13th century as a village at the foot of Mt, while the oldest building of the church of St. George in the 15th century at the local cemetery. Drvenik consists of two bays, upper and lower, and has about 500 residents.
Population in the past, farming and fishing, while in recent years tourism has lifted as the primary activity. Drvenik a link to Hvar for year-round runs a ferry that connects the island of Hvar with the mainland. Place boasts miles of sandy beach in the resort but also a little lonely places far from the city center. Also, due to close on the same day you can enjoy the beautiful view of the mountain slope and the charms of the Adriatic Sea. The friendly and hospitable population will brighten each day in Drvenik.

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